It’s Time for Your Calling ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

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Jennifer Luna Posada

Late September, 2022

Standing at the mouth of the cave, on the ledge of a high mountain perched like a bird both mighty and light, I feel entirely at home on the edge of the vast.  My hand on the rock wall beside me looks aged, as the hand of many a sibyl would…but I am the one who can feel the heartbeat of a new beginning, sense its whisper in a faraway wind, before any other would imagine it existed.  I am old, but I am younger than the spring, and soon the world will feel this newness again too…

As I sit to write these messages, they usually begin with a vision like that from a time long ago when I was as much magical creature as human.  I already knew then what would come in these times, and it has been such a tremendous wait to be able to share it.  I am so happy, with all of my ancient heart, that the time has come…

Over the next few months moving toward the solstice and new year, there are some very special transformational energies coming that have a potent gift to bring.  It’s time to receive a new wave of our calling, one of the most precious and lovely blessings we could ever receive.  This season, as we darken into autumn (or as those of you in the Southern Hemisphere lighten into spring), we will hear a message we have long awaited.  I am writing this today to help us be in the most receptive place to consciously receive it…  

For we each need this calling deeply.  A calling can be what helps us make sense of the events of our lives, and have hope in the face of them when they are challenging.  A calling is a lighthouse in a dark, stormy sea, and an organizing principle when nothing makes sense.  But it doesn’t just help us make sense of things, it lights up our world like strings of faerie lights around the universe inside of us.  It is magic showing itself to us, and showing us how to move through this life connected to it.

It’s the ancient scroll that leads you to the understandings you have been seeking for so long…

Receiving a calling is an experience, however, that can be elusive at first if you don’t know the signs.  So, I wish to illuminate what might otherwise be a hidden door you could walk right past without recognizing it.  I’d like to help shed some of the light on it that makes it easier to run your fingers softly along the wall until you find the seam…until you see the invisible and find the way you’d never known was there.  And this season is most certainly the time.

For some of you this time will simply bring a new wave of your calling.  For others this will feel like the first time you’ve experienced your calling in this life, though as you recognize it you may suddenly be able to trace it back and see where it visited you before…even as far back as your childhood perhaps.  If this happens I want to comfort you that it’s not that you should have recognized it earlier…it’s that this is the moment of its perfect unveiling.  I promise from my deepest heart that you could never receive your calling, or a new wave of it, at the wrong time.  If it feels like it’s coming late, please know that you’ve simply been getting ready…getting into the ideal place to receive it, all this time.

And that ripening has been oh so very worth it.  It’s been necessary for the true and most beautiful fruits to be known.

The reason I know how special and precious a calling can be is because I came into this world with mine awake from the beginning.  As a tiny child my challenge was to orient this world around the love I knew inside of me and could feel was behind all things.  And while that was always there as a foundation, I have also received three new waves of my calling in this life that were each equally crucial to how I was meant to share my gifts in the world.  I want to share some of my story about this as a way to dispel some of the myths around receiving our callings, and also as a method to express ways that we can open ourselves to them, especially at this remarkable time.

My innate calling came when, as a child, I realized that the adults around me that were teaching me wrong from right and how to look both ways before crossing a street did not feel the love I felt inside of me as their true nature.  When I recognized, as little more than a toddler, that this world didn’t feel that way as a general rule, I knew what I was here to teach.  But the first real, clear wave of my calling came when I was six years old and I underwent a surgery that had complications.  In the months following it I began to faint at random moments, and come to with information and messages far beyond my young years.

This is what led to the events in which I was called an Oracle for the first time, as a small child, and also what led to my being able to visit the “inner library” as I call it (also known as the akashic records) at that young age.  While you may feel that this is an extraordinary story that not many people can probably relate to, I’m telling it for a very important reason…

When they were wheeling me into surgery and my mom’s hand slipped from mine as the nurse handed me a sock monkey as an effort at a replacement, I didn’t know my whole inner world was about to further open up in a way that would change me forever and lead me to writing these words.  When I woke from the surgery and couldn’t move or speak but tried to make some kind of sound because I so badly needed water, I didn’t feel like the heavens had opened and given me a sign.  And when, in the months after that, I would suddenly fall to the floor while walking across the living room, I didn’t imagine that it was that at six years old I was trying to remember how to fall into trance.  But it was.

And while yes, the second wave of my calling came when I was 20 and it was about being a Sexual Priestess and it did come in a more recognizable way as a vision and message, (stay tuned to my next book for more of that story,) the third wave of my calling that came just a few years ago was brought on by the combination of a profoundly challenging dental issue and bodywork that unfortunately only intensified the problem.  Not exactly where most people expect magic…but oh did it come that way anyway.

So, while you may absolutely find your calling in a moment of joy or great vision, as I have also experienced, I want you to know that your darkest night may bring your deepest calling.

Your calling takes time to fully blossom.  If you keep loving it as a bud, even when it hasn’t revealed all its mysteries to you…even if it has taken decades…it most certainly will.  I promise, if it’s taking a long time that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.  It means you are doing it right and this is just the way it needed to unfold.

So, if one common error is to think that a calling only comes as a flash of light (rather than sometimes through a brilliant darkness), another is that we think it is only our calling if we can name it something recognizable, put it on a business card, and earn income from it.  Now, before I go on, of course we may want that.  Unless we are independently wealthy, then to make an income from our calling would be the thing that actually allows us to spend time doing that, (and likely saves us from other work that at best may feel less fulfilling and at worst may seem to be utterly at odds with our calling.)

I’m writing these words because I make a living from my calling…I might have found a way to write them otherwise but it may have been much harder to do so.  But it didn’t start when I was six years old and had a health challenge that opened my deeper gifts.  I needed time.  When I gave readings to my mother’s friends as a child I didn’t ask for money (because there was no need, I was cared for.)  And when I wasn’t ready to teach yet as a teenager and younger adult I did everything from clean rooms to serve cocktails while I waited, with all my heart, to do the work set out for me in my childhood.  With every job I asked life to please let it be time, but I knew it was not, until finally in 2004 I knew without a doubt that I had made it to the right moment.

By definition a calling is an impulse, an urge.

If we begin there, free of all other artifice, free of all other programming about what it needs to look like and whether we would know how to describe ourselves and what we do or love at a dinner party, our calling will start to speak to us in waves all the time.

In fact, I still half laugh a bit when anyone asks me what I do and I have to decide how to put it.  Teaching about the lost arts of oracles, sexual priestesses, nymphs, sibyls and other magical creatures based on my past lives as these creatures is not exactly commonplace.

But when it has felt strange to forge my path forward anyway, brick by brick for almost twenty years, I have gone back to my organizing principle…the little girl who knew she was here to remind the world of love…

In any and every way that she could as her calling developed in waves throughout her lifetime…

And time and time again my calling brought me back…it gave me the courage and the direction over and over again and has filled my life with the most splendorous beauty you can possibly imagine.

A final myth I’d like to dispel is the myth that we need to find our calling.

Our calling finds us…

We only need the ability to recognize it and gently allow and follow it when it does.  Here are a few helpful hints for being able to do that at this magical threshold of new messages coming…

Being open to the calling…

This is about making the space inside of you, and possibly in your time and surroundings, to simply be in more openness and receptivity without any expectation.  This is where we give ourselves some time and room to shed and empty, so that there is new space for the calling to enter.  This is where sitting in silence (metaphorically although you may certainly choose to do it in actuality as well) is just as important as the message itself.

This is where we clear the table and just be with the blank space…where the most beautiful altar is just the plain stone of new beginnings.

This may manifest as a time of more rest and relaxation wherever possible, or a time of actively clearing and pruning in your life.  It may be a time of release in overt or subtle ways, but in this phase there is no need to seek.  All the old seeking falls away from your field and you become fresh, receptive and open.  If you have a few moments now and it feels right, take out a piece of note paper and put down a few ideas for how you could create some of this space in your life in the coming month.

Recognizing the calling…

This is where we need the eyes to see the hidden doorways that have always been waiting for us.  This is where we can feel them even in the dark.  First we let the veils fall away…the ideas about what we think our calling has to look like, and we just open ourselves to what makes us feel the pulse…what makes us feel a glow…what compels us to it and then leaves us feeling nourished. 

To be utterly clear on any given day this might mean playing with your child’s legos or kicking up dry leaves on a sidewalk.  These moments don’t need to “make sense” as a calling right now, and if you are going through an incredibly challenging time in your life, they might not even register as feeling particularly “good”, they may just feel “less bad” than other moments or experiences or feelings you’ve been having.  That, my beautiful and brave friends, is a wonderful place to start.

Aligning with the calling…

This is where we string the lights together, gently.  This is where one fallen berry leads to another until we are led to the tree they fell from and we understand their origin and more of what it all means.  There may be days we think we’ve lost all connection and there will be no next clue…but just keep your eyes and heart open for the next berry, and it will come.  Remember all of this comes from having first been willing to sit in the dark and wait.  Sometimes this will happen over and over…but every moment you are waiting the ripening continues, and the magical tree thrives.  When you arrive to rest beneath it and be nourished by the deepest connection you could hope for, it will utterly be worth the wait.

One berry at a time, one faerie light at a time, you will find your way…

Your way to the meaning, the clarity, and the beauty of opening to the deepest gifts your soul has to offer.  Your way to feeling guided, supported and connected as you move through this world and this life, understanding more about why you are here and why things have needed to be just as they have been.  I know the courage it has taken to come this far, and I honor you from my very deepest heart.  I stand beside you, and together we will remember the magic we have always known, birth the new magic we are meant to bring now, and watch it unfurl into the world with a goodness beyond all we have imagined…


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