Legends of the Nymphs: Living with Orgasmic Energy

A Six-Session Online Course with Jennifer Posada

Why does orgasmic energy matter more than anything else?…

This might be the most important question of your lifetime…

Because a life with energy allows you to do everything else that matters.  Having access to this energy we were meant to live from and run on changes everything

It changes your life, your outlook, your well being. It changes your access to your intuition…to your gifts…to your pleasure…to your magic

…And we need magic back in the world.  It’s time to return to our magical gifts and live from them.  And we need energy to do it.

The old ways of running on physiological energy alone don’t work anymore…most of us are depleted to the core. Our bodies can’t manage to function properly much less thrive without this life-giving flow of orgasmic energy we were truly meant to run on instead.

Accessing our source of true life force matters because we can’t go on this way. We need a radical shift for what’s coming next. Because we are all tired, but the story isn’t over yet…and a new one is just beginning.

It’s time to return to and encourage a state of flow in your life, so you can ride the waves rather than feeling repeatedly crushed by them…rather than facing endless-feeling friction, so you can finally give your gifts and live the life you were born to live with more ease. It’s time to finally align with a state of abundance, to conjure abundance of any kind, we need access first and again to our abundance within.

This is the moment the seeds within you stir to life. It’s time for your innate design to come out, and become the blueprint for your life.

The reason orgasmic energy matters is because the answers, the energy and the plan are waiting within…

And when this inner realm becomes the organizing principle of your life and your body is energized and flowing, you can finally do what you came to do. You can finally love the way you want to love, live the way you want to live, and feel guided and connected while you do.

Orgasmic energy matters because we need our life force back. And we need our magic back. And because it’s right at our fingertips…

There are no greater teachers about this primordial energy than the Nymphs, ancient magical creatures who were all-knowing embodiments of love…one with nature and their own nature, capable of all expressions of alchemy, regeneration, and transformation. Accessing our inner nymph, to live as the magical creature we are while in this world, is the most powerful life-changing magic of all…

The Six Living with Orgasmic Energy Sessions…


  Legends of the Nymphs

Far from being the coy and often powerless characters described in Greek myths, the nymphs were embodiments of pure love, and all the wisdom of the universe. These ancestors course through our magical blood. We have an inheritance we have not claimed. The nymphs are not gone from this world. They are within us still…

Preparing Your Life for the Orgasmic

To become the conduit of orgasmic energy that you were meant to be, you must first make room in your life for the flow. This is where we begin to ready ourselves to open up the channels, deciding where we need them most, and moistening the dry ground…

Preparing Your Body for the Orgasmic

When we have made initial room in our lives, it is time to then “prepare the ground” of the body for a higher frequency of life force to come through. This is the moment where we shed the old shell, and begin to make room for our inner abundance and regenerative energies to be claimed…

Becoming a Vessel

This is where the magic really begins to take momentum. When we are reintroduced to the flow of life force in our bodies and its ripple effects from deep in our cells to our life work, from our inner knowing to our soul’s gifts, remembering our magical plan and seeing it extend into every area of our lives…

Uses of Orgasmic Energy

In this session we learn many varied ways to consciously channel orgasmic energy in order to create transformation and infuse our lives with magic…

Becoming the Nymph

This is how we remember our innate design, and rewrite our entire futures as its organic blueprint unfurls out, aligning with their most sacred unfoldment. This is how we learn to run on the energy we were born to, unleash our unique brilliance, and finally truly live the magic that we are…

How and where does this course take place?

This is an online course that is available 24 hours a day…and though it is meant to be taken over six weeks, you can move at your own pace and have access to this information for a lifetime!  Course content will be available on a members-only website via video and audio recordings, also available for download.

Why register right now?

Though you can register for this course at any time, signing up right now begins your journey of deeper connection to orgasmic energy, and begins to change each day of your life so beautifully from today forward…  And since you can listen in your own right timing after registering, right now is a perfect time to start!…

Who is this course best for?

This course is amazing for people of all genders, sexual orientations, and ages.  It is equally fortifying and revolutionary for those who are new to sacred sexuality and those who are already very experienced with sacred sexuality, energy practices, or on the self-healing journey.  There are always new levels to be reached, experienced and enjoyed, and wherever you are in life there will be new ways to blossom as never before with the material in this course…

Is The Energy Orgasm Course a pre-requisite for this course?

Not at all!  But they are indeed excellent companion courses!  The content in each course profoundly enhances the other, so taking both courses in either order is a phenomenal idea!  Understanding the practices to bring about energy orgasms will support your journey accessing your orgasmic energy in your life, and accessing your orgasmic energy in your life is incredibly helpful for successfully experiencing energy orgasms if you so choose!  You can check out The Energy Orgasm Course here!

You will receive as a part of this Course:

~ An introductory audio and 6 weekly sessions by audio recording, including the teaching for each week and a closing sound healing session (75-90 minutes per session)

~ PDFs with optional weekly explorations and suggested exercises for the time between sessions

~ Two supplemental Q & A Recordings (60-90 minutes each)

~ Two additional recordings with just the practices from the course so you can easily repeat them (10-30 minutes each)

~ A bonus session on using these practices specifically for manifestation, and a mini-practice session  (10-30 minutes each)

~ Access to this material indefinitely!

~ Recordings of each session can be downloaded and listened to on the device of your choice!

This is a 6-part course available around the world at the online Oracle School & Community.

Available Now!…

“Taking a course with Jennifer has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself…” Amy Auset Rohn, Thorntown, Indianamore testimonials…  

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