The Reinvention: 2020 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

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November 5th, 2019

Deep in the darkened, ancient hills of magic, the fireflies of remembrance glow…you slowly open your eyes from a great slumber and remember this land, remember this glow. You remember the plan you made so long ago that you had forgotten. You shed the path you thought you knew, and open to both the more ancient way you are reclaiming, and the vast and great unknown, to create a magic beyond your wildest dreams… 

This is the beginning. The beginning of a new chapter you didn’t even really know was coming. Only it isn’t really just a new chapter…it’s a whole new book. A book it will take time to orient to like an entirely new land…because you’ve never read anything like it before. You are reading the ancient story you wrote for yourself so long ago, and embracing the part unwritten. You are finding the pen in your hand again, after so long, for the page that writes itself…

Your life is about to be reinvented. 2020 is a year that we won’t just recalibrate, setting new intentions and slightly adjusting our course. 2020 is a year that we will start from scratch, and while it may indeed feel like starting from nothing, it is really starting from stardust. The nothing we begin with is the open space you have created by shedding such an incredible number of skins over the past several years. The open space is your triumph…your reward for being willing to stand naked with your soul and pare yourself down to your essence.

It is as if you have emptied your home of everything and you are sitting on a single cushion or chair just taking it in. It’s as if you can finally see out the windows again, and there is a new day you can finally explore. Yes, it may feel as if you have to re-learn how to walk, and speak, and do things you used to take for granted. And yes, that takes more energy and presence…but that is the gift. You will be more truly participatory in the choices in each moment, and in the richness of it. You are going to feel again in deeper ways…and the feeling will show you the way.

As you add things to your great open space, you will choose each item or each energy with intention. And this time, more than ever, you will choose to bring the magic in…

For a very long time you may have feared to bring the magic back, because it was sealed away ages ago when it became unsafe to show yourself as a magical creature. But the time of the first great unveiling has arrived. And while sometimes it will show up in the more fantastic ways of visions and ecstatic experiences, one of the most remarkable and special ways it will show up is in the little day-to-day moments that will simply have more glow. You will just feel it in the pulse of your being as you pull your hair back or step outside your house…as you take in the smile of a friend or pause to lean your back against a tree.

There will be messages about how this life reinvention will look for you…glimmers of the stardust and luminous fireflies lighting your way. Sometimes these messages will come in dreams or important visions, but often they will come in the even stronger nudges of your body and emotional responses…these are some of the most powerful messengers of all since they are more present with us in every moment of our lives. Here, secrets will be revealed. The dots will start to connect in a way you never expected. Things will suddenly line up in a design you didn’t see coming, even in your greatest moments of foresight.

The more radically you embrace your redefinition this year, the more profound it will be.

You see, it’s time for a reformation…a transformation at the deepest levels of the cell and the energy bodies…a complete breakdown and redesign of old systems and structures. We are going to rebuild the very bones of what we believe this life to be, and what we believe is possible in this form.

It’s time to start over.

As fully as you possibly can.

This new life of yours, this new energy will be tested and reshaped and tested and reshaped over and over as the new frequencies come up against old structures and breaks them…as it comes into contact with an outdated environment energetically and wears it into a new shape that makes room for the changes, like the ocean shapes the earth with its waves.

If you have time before we enter the new year or in the couple of months following, this would be an incredible time to actually refresh your environment. Declutter, redesign a space, let go of the old. But if you don’t have the time or even more importantly overall, it’s time to cast off the energetics that have been pending for you. These are the energies you have decided to let go but haven’t yet fully released. It’s like the boxes or bags of things you had already intended to donate but are sitting in the closet. It seems little to let them go because you had already decided to, but removing them from your energy field is going to make radical change.

Here are some ideas for how to do just that…

 1.  Actually get rid of things you are done with, objects from your home as mentioned above.

 2.  Write.  Anything. Free write until you can’t anymore. Write about what’s leaving your energy field, and what you want your reinvention to look like. Play.

3.  Do water rituals. Have baths, visit hot springs, rivers or the ocean or any body of water. Intend that every submersion in water will leave you cleansed and renewed at the deepest levels of your being.

4.  Say goodbye. Explore in words, writing, or ritual what you need to grieve to move forward into a totally new horizon. Cherish what you love and get to keep, and let go of absolutely everything else that you can.

5.  Exhale.  You did it. Whatever it is for you that you just journeyed through and lived through, you did it. It’s time to leave the heaviness you’ve carried behind and trust you are finally meant to be able to lighten your load and breathe deeply again. You do deserve that freedom. It is entirely yours.

6.  Rest as deeply as you can, either in actual sleep or in just allowing yourself to rest in any given moment that you can. You are about to recharge from years of devoted work and be rewired in a deep and fundamental way. Whatever rest you can get, whatever gentleness you can give yourself, will let you do the final shedding of skins you are doing right now to move into the new energies of your being and life.

7.  Keep your eyes and body open to magic. As you come out the other side of this final transformative window before we enter 2020 and as it begins, start to have your eyes open for signs…signs of magic and new vibrations inside and around you. Write them down if you like, and feel into what they are showing you about where to go next…

We all made quite the date. Quite the powerful date to be here on the earth right now. We signed up to be here at the great reinvention, and it couldn’t be a moment to soon. Our old systems within us and around us are worn out. Truly they are in shambles and we have simply been trying to continue to make them work because we didn’t have a new way yet. This year we find the new way.

So, if there were no script for your life, and your future didn’t have to be informed in a limiting way by the experiences of your past, what would you envision now? In what way would you become a butterfly and what radical changes would that bring to your life? Again, because this entirely new paradigm will bring the unexpected, you may not be able to envision these dreams and changes yet. But if you keep your eyes on the clouds and your toes on the earth you will start to feel them coming.

You won’t likely wake up January 1st to a radically different life…it is more that around the time of the solstice on December 21st, 2019, you might begin to feel a slight shift, as if a new frequency has been ever-so-subtly added to your world. It will likely be imperceptible at first unless you are among the most sensitive (which I know many of you are,) and/or unless you happen to have more time than usual around then to reflect, and sense, and go inward. However, even if neither of these situations are the case, over the following weeks and months you will begin to feel the sense of new frequencies growing stronger.

You will begin to feel something shifting, something boosting your energy, your intuition, and your insights. You will start to sense something at once familiar about these energies and yet deliciously new. You will sense that there might be fresh room for magic to express in your body, in your feelings, in your thoughts, in your relationships, in your work, in your environment, and in the way you see absolutely everything about this life you have chosen to live. You will see where you can reach into the blueprints you thought were unchangeable and turn them into liquid in your hands, and draw new lines of light with new directions and new properties and new possibilities. You are the architect, and the universe is the architect. You are working at the deepest levels as one. You will feel the power to create, and recreate, everything you thought you knew. You will ground in the force of your ancient knowing, and also free yourself like a wild bird.

Your wings will lift you again. They will not be too heavy to let you fly.

And you may fall sometimes, because it has been after all a great long age and your wings are different now. But you will learn something new about the magic within you every time you tumble down. And you will have new courage to get back up, and to rest and heal, and to explore again, because you will know there is new energy to support you.

It will take time to heal from the dark journeys you have weathered with incredible courage in these past years. You may still flinch when something shifts, always expecting calamity or chaos. But you have time to heal, and as you do you will realize how much you have gained resilience and befriended the unthinkable. Chaos can become catalyst and creative power because you have learned to channel it. But it may take time for you to know the skills you have gained, and to learn to wield them.

It’s okay not to know what to do first. Rest if and whenever you can. Let out the exhales and let the water flow over you that reminds you of the burdens that are being released, and the old skins of protection being shed so you can once again receive the deeper nourishment waiting to reach you more easily. Finally, after so very long, you will look up at the stars again and really see them. You will find yourself waking in the ancient, darkened hills of magic, and you will see the glow of the fireflies to lead you on…to guide you from your deepest essence, into the wild new world of your reinvention, and to the wild new world we will create from our unveiling.



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