Wild and Precious

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Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

~ Mary Oliver

There is magic in this world, still.

There is magic beyond our wildest imaginings.

While the world around us may seem now to crumble like dry earth under your feet when you walk, there is magic waiting to emerge from beneath it.  A spring returning from untold depths.  “But Jennifer,” you say, looking around, “Why do you always speak of magic when everything is so dark?  Do you live in a different world than I do?”

I do not…I just happen to be able to hear the ground swell coming.  It’s what Oracles do.  And I can teach you to listen for it too.  But first you must find the place of quiet where you can hear it, away from the din of the world.  This is not selfish, this is the essence of wisdom…to reach into the place where you can see the bigger picture and draw from your most ancient gifts within is the way home.  It is what illuminates the path in the darkness.

But first, just rest with me a moment.  If I could and if you wanted me to, I would give you a soft place to lay down and arms to hold you.  I would honor you, and cherish you.  I would tell you how brave you have been on your journey and how valid the hurts are you have experienced.  Then, when you knew you had been seen and loved, I would help release you to nature again, so you could remember more of who you are.

If you don’t have someone who can do all of that for you right now, to help return you to your magic, then I’m hoping you might have some tall grass…

I’m hoping you might set aside your other practices, if it feels right, and the rest of the inner work and healing and processing you have been doing, and discover the kind of medicine that takes no effort, almost no resources, and restores the soul.  Some of you are about to close the window on this message…it’s too simple and you think this one small girl with her auburn curls clearly doesn’t understand the complexities of life and healing.  But you’d be wrong.

I remember when the wind was born.

Oh, if only I could show you the joy of that moment.

Right now, I cannot.  But the tall grass can, and so many other things about magic as well.

And I don’t just remember the makings of the universe, and see its inner unfoldings, I have also been intimate with just about all the levels of hell.  I am very proud of the trials by fire my knowing has endured, and of my extended stays in the underworld.  The underworld has been one of my greatest teachers.

I am the kind of girl you want around.  A once in a lifetime guide perhaps.  And today, I am leading you to the tall grass, as a way to return you to your origin energy and the rapid healing and awakening it brings.

Because we are ready for rapid healing and breakthrough realizations now.  We have slugged along through glue, repeatedly working to bend hard metals inside of us, and it has all been worthwhile.  But we are ready for the lightning power from inside of us to burn through the dross and the tarnish of eons and allow us to work the magic we came to this world to bring…

And while this may have looked differently in other lifetimes, or look different still in other worlds, in this moment if there is any “battle” left, it is with what would keep us from having any un-imposed-on moment to ourselves to simply unfold.  That is what “tall grass time” means, and ironically we may feel we have to fight for a moment to let down our guard.  We may have to plan well, and stand strong for our own time for ourselves, in order to do what came naturally to us as children: to simply lay in the grass and look at the sky.  Or to close our eyes and smell it.  To feel our backs on the ground and let go into it.  If we return to this sacred place of nothing, or very little, our inner universe will open to us.  The wisdom we are seeking will find us.  We will know what we need to do to heal, and we will have the energy to allow that healing to occur.

Because one of the things we are short on…one of the things that makes even going to lay in tall grass seem exhausting…is energy.  We have this one wild and precious life, as Mary Oliver calls it, and we are too tired to even try to live it…and perhaps too heartbroken as well.

This is where we need to return to what I call our origin energy. 

There is a question lingering now that the recent eclipses left an open door for in their wake in a new and powerful way…

What do you want deep down?

One of the other reasons this question is so important right now is that finding the answer to this question is the fastest way to access your origin energy.

Your origin energy is the essence of your being and your most primal life force, and it is what you need most in your existence right now to enter into a whole new phase of your life.

When you tap into your origin energy you can create with more ease, and knowing what you most want deep down is a direct line to that energy.

But to be able to feel what you want deep down at this exact moment in your life, or any moment, you first need to find a little of that ease to begin with as well.  This is where “tall grass time” comes in.

Create some ease, let what you want deep down at this moment to emerge, and allow that contact with your origin energy to guide you to your most potent creative energy and life force.  (I will be teaching more about origin energy and how to access it in my upcoming online course, Legends of the Nymphs: Living with Orgasmic Energy.)

Your origin energy lives in the honeycomb of your heart, and flows in the rivers of your veins. Your origin energy has never left you, but we have learned to repress it…that it is dangerous and mysterious. We tend to only make contact with it, if we are lucky, through orgasm or orgasmic experiences. We think it is elusive, but it is breathing with us now, just waiting to burst from the cold ground like buds in the spring.

To find your origin energy you must make contact with what makes you come alive…

For me, one of those things is laying in tall grass, but really the tall grass becomes a metaphor for whatever makes you light up, let go, and return to your innate design. If you do what makes you come alive, and what makes you therefore shed what you are complete with, you will feel potent and unmistakable shifts in the coming months, and years, of your life…

We have waited so very long for this.

What is your tall grass time? And how can you make room for more of it in the near future?

I decided to name this post as I did when I came upon that one line of a poem by Mary Oliver again after many years. I then spent some time laying in the tall grass (the photo with this post is my own from that moment.) But I had no recollection of the rest of the poem that line is from until just now, when I looked it up and read that the rest of it includes this:

I don’t know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all day. Tell me, what else should I have done?

Do this. Like Mary Oliver did that day. Like I did…in whatever is your own special way.  And note the magic as it unfolds…the signs that come as you go will show you the way. Our true work, the best of it and the most wondrous you can imagine, is yet to come, and its joy will shake the bedrock of all we have known…

I will see you in the magic.

Love, Jennifer

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