With Pollen in their Hair…

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February 20th, 2023

Lately all I can think about is honey…

And the time long ago when we could make it ourselves…

I’ve been trying to figure out why so many people want me to teach about the Bee Nymphs that it is my most requested course, which is why I am making it an online offering.  I teach some wonderful and exquisite courses, and what people seem to want to hear about most are three little nymphs that lived under a ledge on Mount Parnassus in Greece, “with pollen in their hair, and honey bee wings…”

I suppose I have a secret to divulge.  One of many.  I do know why people want to hear about these bee nymphs, I’m just so surprised that so many other people seem to know too…like there is some singing in the depth of their blood that remembers…some ancient buzz of remembering that calls them back…

Back to a time when we shapeshifted.  Back to a time when we lived on the nectar of ecstatic states, and made honey inside of our bodies…and back to a time when three bee nymphs, the Thriae nymphs, guarded one of the last portals to the other realms on the side of a sacred mountain.  They kept the old ways alive when the forgetting ran deep in the world, and passed it along to priestesshoods who would preserve it for a long time to come.

They allowed passage to and from the other worlds, from other dimensions, at the moment when all other portals were gone, for magical beings who could still cross back and forth…and then helped a precious few left here to remember how to do it within themselves before the portal in the mountain closed for good.

After all we don’t need a rocky cleft to open up to make this journey.  We only need to know how to do this within.  How to shapeshift inside ourselves, and how to make honey.

I know it doesn’t seem important in a world where so much tragedy exists, but only when you don’t realize the importance of magic, and love…and honey.

Honey is symbolically the crystallization of our purest gifts in this world.  It’s the nourishment we create and need…it’s the healing balm.  The Thriae nymphs spent their days laughing, flying, and making honey together for an eternity…a timeless time…holding the vibration of the magical realms when they had very few true anchors left here, and they are still doing this, available now from deep within…to take our hands and guide us back and forth from the realms where exists the memory we most need to live this life in the most healing, nourished and magical ways that we can.

For we are the memory keepers and we are here now to unseal the pots within and bring the honey forth, first to nourish ourselves and then to have the ripple effects reverberate through the larger field of all that is.

I do occasionally stop and notice how funny it is to be the kind of person who talks about interdimensional honey and nymph guardians of magical portals for a living.  But that’s what happens when you remember this far back, and are simply keeping up the work you have always done…when this is the honey you bring to the world.

I wanted to write today for those who are drawn to the bee nymphs and will be taking my upcoming course, but also to give some of their gift to those who won’t be taking it for whatever reasons but still want some of their wisdom.

I’d like to share two gems today that are helpful for anyone wanting to tap into this incredible beauty of honey-making:

Ecstatic states are not just for happy people.

And ecstatic states must be protected, which is why the bee nymphs were such great protectresses.

We typically think of feeling states on a spectrum where ecstasy is somewhere near the “higher” side and on the lowest side we find something like utter despair and desolation…an oblivion-like darkness.  But in truth it is a circle, and despair and ecstasy touch.

Ecstatic states can be found not just by moving “up” through happy and “good” feelings, we can descend into ecstasy by going through hell, and finding out what waits when we touch bottom…and keep going.  Now I’ve just oversimplified something that warrents a much larger explanation: it can take years, even nearly a lifetime, to find this ground beneath the ground…depending on the path your soul has chosen…

But knowing the black soil beneath hell has everything you need to experience “heaven” makes all the difference in the world.

It’s not that you’ve been going the wrong way all this time.

You are just finding the portal only you could find…a way out of one world into another, more magical one…weaving the worlds together.

Just knowing this makes it more likely that you will access the honey that is most hidden.  The honey you go through hell to make.  It’s very special medicine.  First it will heal you, and then it will heal others.  That’s just how making honey works.

Hold on.  There’s always honey at the end.

And ecstatic states must be protected…

We think of guardians as stern and braced.  The Thriae fluttered and buzzed and laughed and played…but nothing could get near them without pure intention.  They didn’t even have to try to protect the magic they knew…they were so utterly in its vibration that they were protection.  Since we are not usually vibrating at some kind of interdimensional bliss at all times, it’s important for us to protect our ecstasy consciously.

It is up to us to create little warm nests of protection for our states of joy…and if joy seems too lofty and farfetched for where you are now in your life, you may have to create those little warm nests just for even the merest feelings of contentment, or safety, or ease, or comfort.  You will have to find havens away from people, media, content, places, and energies that would thwart your incubating peace, bliss, or perhaps attempts at what feel like barest sanity at times.  And you will have to protect your time, perhaps most bravely of all.

For we live in a world that you could say was not made for bee nymphs, or any nymphs or magical creatures at all.  In fact that might be the understatement of the century.  Except that it’s not true.  It only appears that way.  This world actually was made for bee nymphs.  It was made for magical creatures.  We just need to remember the honey, and help bring it back…as we long ago agreed to, perhaps under the ledge of a mountain somewhere, in a time almost forgotten…

I love you, bee nymphs.  Thank you for remembering with me.  May your hours be touched with honey, and your days with secret sweetness returning…



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