When You Wish upon a Star…

by Jennifer on November 11, 2012

Eclipse Energies Message, Fall 2012

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

This is the moment, knees to the earth and toes in the mud, to say it…

This is the moment to ask for what you want.  This is the warm, wet mud to plant seeds in, even if only with small and whispered words in the dark night.  This is the moment to acknowledge whatever your heart wants now…not what it wanted last year or yesterday, but right now on today’s fresh horizon.  This is the moment to ask for what you want now that the storm has passed and washed you clean of the old ideas about your life.  This is the moment in the aftermath to find the golden pearl of what was untouched, glowing and whole…to find the deepest desires your heart has ever known…

About a year ago I wrote a prophecy message about this year and the most essential part of it being your heart’s desire.  I said that it is the desire in your heart that will birth the new world.  Now, with this month’s two eclipses, November 13th and 28th, we usher in the most powerful time of this prophecy’s unfolding.  Everything that has happened this year thus far has been leading you to this window in the next several weeks through the end of the year, where your heart’s desires will be revealed to you.  You may not know them yet.  You may feel far from desire or a willingness to welcome it.  But you will know.  It has been building like a far-off wave that will suddenly rise before you…huge and unignorable.  What I will suggest for this time of eclipse energies, swelling toward the Solstice and Mayan shift date on December 21st, 2012 is twofold…one, ask…wish upon a star, to really know what you want next, and two, when the wave comes…don’t run.  Let it rush over and consume you.  Become a part of the ocean again.  It will nourish you and lead you down your next path.  It will be your own energy enveloping you, and you will finally feel yourself again the way you haven’t in perhaps many years, or even many lifetimes.

Eclipses are always powerful portals of transformational energy, and in this case they are ramping us up toward December 21st, opening new levels of awareness and revelation to us to prepare us for that time of great change within.  I recommend making the most of these supportive energies by taking time in the next two weeks to do some reflection.  If you are able to, you could take a short retreat in a beautiful, natural environment to do this, but if that is a luxury right now there are many other equally powerful ways to do this.  One is to make sure you have an hour or two to yourself at least once during this time, preferably twice, and simply spend it really focusing on what you desire right now.  Write it down, or use images or draw pictures.  But whatever you do, really search your heart.  Don’t just jump to old conclusions about what you want.  Press the edges and find the places of deep longing that you may have shut off or given up on long ago, or perhaps have never visited because you imagined them impossible or too grand to accept.  Touch the sore spaces of yearning and find out what they want to say.  Maybe they need to sing or cry.  Maybe they want you to write about them, or paint about them, or move your body in their name.

And if you don’t have two hours or never end up making that kind of time, there is another option.  Just wait for that starry night or soft, glowing moon and ask to be shown, right in the midst of your daily life, exactly what you need to in order to open to what your desires might be wanting to tell you, or where they want to lead you.  They know a secret path you haven’t seen yet, and that your life feels empty without.  If nothing comes and you are drifting in desire-less waters, just wait.  Be as soft as you can with yourself and get close to the sound of your own heart.  It will speak to you eventually, when the time is right.  And you will be ready.

If your desire is something you fear, you are likely in just the right place.  It is time to embrace the desires that push us to those places that scare us, stir things up and bring in new paradigms.  We cannot create the new world if we cling to the old, and despite all our worries, at the deepest level we have nothing to lose.  Everything we will shed we will be so glad to be free of.  The watered-down versions of our desires will only hold us back.

The key, the one we have been searching for endlessly, is right there on the table where we’ve been afraid to look.  The one with the red velvet covering.  The table we were told not to go near.  The key we thought couldn’t possibly fit.  It will open all the doors but we must be willing to claim it…to make it our own.  We must dare to know our own passions, to simply, when they approach again in the dark, cold night, open the door and welcome them in.  That is all.  And knock again, they will.

Just nestle into your favorite chair by the window, pull on your fuzziest blanket, get out your notebook or sketchbook…and dream.  What if the future were beautiful and bright?  What if you deserved every bit of joy you could imagine?  What would you ask for?  What lights you up inside, and makes you tingle?  Reach as far out as you need to…out on the limb where the fruit is sweetest.  Dare to trust enough just to even peek through the silk fabrics around your heart…dare just enough to see what is illumined within.

That way when the boat rocks and you begin to wonder what you are even doing as the shifts rumble across the planet and through your heart, you will know exactly where that light burns, and how to come from that place as you are born anew.  Can you handle the thought of having the life you actually want?  The thought of dreams coming true?  Is it more scary than the thought of things staying the same?  It’s okay…you can take your time getting used to these ideas.  Though they are of our home and true nature, we have been so long out of those waters that we have learned to breathe on land and are perhaps afraid we might drown.  So if we don’t want to run from the waves, we can start now preparing by just putting our toes in the water…wiggling them around…deciding maybe that isn’t so bad…that maybe we could learn to really accept feeling that good again after all…that we really could feel right in our own skins again, in our bones, right in our bodies and right in this world.  That there is nothing we need to be punished for, and that we could be cherished instead.  Cherished by the loving universe, cherished by others…cherished by ourselves.

I love you.  I see you, shiny star.  I know you will find that flame that burns through everything that would dim or hold it back.  I know your heart’s desire will carry you through any storm, and help reveal to you where to safely let your foot fall in the dark night, with each step.  I know your ray of light will illuminate the world, a world you can belong to…a world of joy.

Just make a little wish upon a star…any wish…just close your eyes and ask…

Love, Jennifer


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