My Favorite Ten

My Top Ten Favorite Writings of the First Ten Years:

1.  For the Sensitive Souls

2.  Bare Feet, Warm Temple Floor

3.  Reclamation

4.  Still an Animal

5.  Why the Sexual Woman is Going to Save the World

6.  Running for Sekhmet

7.  The Greatest Gift

8.  I Still Remember…

9.  The Land of Milk and Honey is Within

10.  Rainbows Inside

(The image on this page is the one I used for my flyer for my first workshop, 17 years ago. : )

Okay, confession time…I have written over 225 posts, a huge portion of which are from my first ten years, so there are some gems that didn’t make this list: lots of them. 

Here are some honorable mentions if you are wanting more!

(it’s also fun to find posts by using a search term or phrase (look for the search box in the toolbar to your right…)

Honorable Mentions:

To those Who Deeply Feel…

Ode to Sun

Love More…

The Grace of Being Real

To those Who are Great of Heart…

In the Name of Sacredly Sexual Priestesses

Be in Your Own Vibration

The Goddess and the Serpent

Hope you have enjoyed all of these as much as I have truly loved sharing them and writing to you all for all these wonderful years!  I love you and there are so many more to come!

Love, Jennifer

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