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womanwithlion-copyThe Oracle and the Lioness: Ecstatic States and Instinctual Healing

An 3-Session Online Course Available Worldwide

Once upon a time, the Oracle and the Animal were one inside of us.  The farthest reaches of heaven and the body experienced as the same, and instinct was our intuition.  For the fullness of alchemy was known within, an alchemy we can tap into on the planet and in our lives again now, once again, and whose transformational power is beyond anything we have yet known…

Available Now!

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self-love oracle best sizedThe Essential Self-Love Course

An 8-Session Online Course Available Worldwide

There is no more potent force of healing and change in the universe than Self-Love…  It was the love of the universe for itself that gave birth to creation, that is in every beat of your heart, and each rolling wave of every ocean.  To love oneself is to know love in the most profound way, and to attract love and goodness into your life on every level.  We have, in Self-Love, a hidden miracle…the truest gold of all the ages…

Available Now

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purest oracle cropThe Oracle Course: The Essential Course in Intuition and Vision

An 8-Session Online Course Available Worldwide

If it has always been your dream to walk as an awakened Oracle, clear and able to call forth vision and guidance at will, trusting in your abilities to do so and the universe itself, pulsing with the knowing of the cosmos, then this is the course for you…

Available Now

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MyHolyGrail vivid cropMagdalen’s Fire: The Sacred Sexuality Oracle Course

An 8-Session Online Course Available Worldwide

This year dive in, be reborn, and find a portal into one of the greatest secrets of life and creation…the sexual and sensual energies in your body and being.  Get ready to start a new life with a new commitment to being the fullness of who you are, in extraordinary and powerful beauty….

Available Now

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Intuitive Sound HealingThe Intuitive Sound Healing Course

A 6-Session Online Course Available Worldwide

Since the most ancient of times, sound has been used as one of the most powerful healing forces ever known…  It has been used around the world in every sacred tradition, but it was also in use before the world existed…before the universe was born.  Sound was the first wave-form of creation from the pulsing heart of the love behind all things…In this extraordinary course, learn to tap back into the primordial force of creation, and how to bring that healing power into your life and practices…

Available Now

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sexual priestessThe Energy Orgasm Course

A 3-Session Online Course Available Worldwide

Long ago in very ancient times, it was natural to live in orgasmic energy, and for humans to have ready access to many kinds of orgasms, including “energy orgasms”…hands-free orgasms that don’t require touch, or that can inspire touch in entirely new ways…And you can learn how to do this, too…

Available Now

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venus-verticordia no borderBecoming the Sexual Priestess Mini-Course

A 3-Session Online Course Available Worldwide

This is the secret…the secret your life has kept lovingly for you that is ready to be revealed.  It is the missing link…to the most revolutionary change in your life…

Available Now

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“Taking a course with Jennifer has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself…” Amy Auset Rohn, Thorntown, Indiana

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Other Previously Offered Courses:

The following are courses that have been offered previously at The Oracle School. Some may be offered again, or will be available at some point as recordings, transcripts, or courses online! Do stay tuned to the email newsletters for these future releases, and if one of these courses really strikes your fancy, let us know at jennifer(at) (your requests can make a difference in the offerings!)

The Self-Love Oracle Course, and Special Version: Aphrodite’s Pearl: The Self Love Oracle Course



The Sacred Sexuality Oracle Course, and Special Version: Magdalen’s Fire: The Sacred Sexuality Oracle Course



The Visionary Oracles Circle, and Special Version: Persephone’s Pomegranate: The Visionary Oracles Course



The Beginning Oracle Course: Finding the Oracle Within




The Sexual Woman Ecstatic Enlightenment Training (The Course)



The Orgasm Course: Reinventing Your Life Through OrgasmThe Orgasm Course with Jennifer Posada



The Five Forbidden Goddesses: Reclaiming Female Sexual Power




The Oracle Council




Mysteries of Isis: Heartbeat of the Priestess




The Maenad's Dance with Jennifer Posada cropThe Maenad’s Dance: The Healing Power of Ecstasy




The Five Egyptian Oracle Empowerments




purest oracle crop The Oracle Course: The Essential Course in Intuition and Vision




inanna's crownInnana’s Crown: Journey Through the Seven Gates




blue fire dakini crop Blue Fire: The Sexual Alchemy of the Dakinis




The Golden Shell and The Sacred Staff: The Summer Manifestation Oracle Course




Finding Your Purpose and Gifts Oracle Course




dodona doves cropThe Black Doves: Practices of the Priestesses of Dodona




Return of the Sexual Priestess with Jennifer Posada The Return of the Sexual Priestess Course




The Holy Well: Return to Avalon




The Oracle Alchemy Course: The Golden Chalice




The Pythia’s Mirror: Return of the Delphic Oracles




The Blind OracleThe Blind Oracle’s Path: Surrendering to Trust




The Sibyl’s Cave: Return of the Ancient Prophetesses




The Spring of the Nymphs: The Secrets of Embodying Bliss




The Thriai Nymphs: Lessons from the Bee Priestesses




The Five Sexual Goddesses: Return to the Serpent Power




The Sacredly Sexual Priestess Trainings




The Song of the Sibyls: Becoming a Sound Channel





Tadema,The Roses of HeliogabalusThe Sexual Priestess and the Seven Serpent Powers of Regeneration





In addition Jennifer has taught numerous live workshops and appeared at conferences in the US, Europe, and Egypt.  Stay tuned to Jennifer’s email list for live appearances as well!


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